Monday, 26 September 2011

New Animal Sculpture Web Site

Sitting Bear  Sculpture

Thought this might be a different sculpture to show on the blog. I have always liked bears and have been looking for a finish on the ceramic sculpture that would really suit the subject. I almost stummbled across this finish playing about with copper and a bronze glaze I like to use sometimes. When I opened the kiln there was this almost leaden black glaze which has a sheen rather than a shine. It really seems to suit the bear. A happy discovery.!

I have been busy recently creating a new web site to show the latest developments in my work. I seem to have moved in my ceramics into more often using bronze glazes. I have also begun to do more bronzes and bronze resin. It seemed to be confusing the original web site so my wife is creating a new site

If you have time to let us know what you thnk of the developing site it would be very helpful. It is unfinished but growing rapidly.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lying Hare Sculpture

I meant to put this picture up last week, somehow the time just passed too quickly. The client is coming to collect the hare commission next week so I thought I ought to at least put up one more picture today.
Lying hare sculpture - bronze glaze- mounted on a marble base

It has worked very well and will be a contrast to the othet Crouching Hare.  Photographing sculpture is always difficult.  Did this in the garden but took it in a shady place. Took out some of the background but I am not very expert at this. Still it does show the piece before it goes.

Have a look at my web site if you are interested in my hare sculptures

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Completed commission - Garden Hares

Another finished commission now finished. This was a great commission for 4 hares to go into a garden. Just the type of sculpture I enjoy doing. Working out how four sculptures could work together in one garden was a good challenge. Just mounted the first one onto it's base. I always think this sets them off and at the same time makes them stable in a garden. I use a heavy piece of polishes marble; it works a treat !

This is a crouching hare based on a painting owned by the client.

Back to work now to mount up the other sculptures. Will put pictures up here as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Animal Sculptures

Quite a lot to write about as I have come to the end of two animal sculpture commissions. It's always a time of mixed feelings as the work has been so enjoyable and now is over. I guess its the pleasure of actually making that keeps me going ! It is good to be paid for something I enjoy doing as well ! Have to be realistic I guess.

The Cockerel finally finished and patinated ! Cast by Pangolin Editions who are considered to be the best casters in Europe, if not worldwide. It has been a pleasure to work with them on this commission. Do check out their web site to see how it is done.

This is the first of an edition of 12. For more information visit my web site

I have also finished a commission for four garden hares. These were made in ceramic and finished in a bronze glaze. It works very well but of course is not real foundry bronze.

Here they are -
This is a picture taken in the studio after firing. They have all now been finished and mounted onto bases. Busy today but will get the pictures of this finished commission up later this month.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bronze Cockeral

There is something special about foundry cast bronze. It picks up every detail and even shade of detail in a unique way. The work seems to sing and glow!

Just back from collecting a sculpture from Pangolin Editions. The picture above shows the sculpture just after it was cast and chased. Having the finished sculpture photographed new week. I will post some photographs then.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

About Brian Hollingworth - Bronze Animal Sculptor

I am often about how I started making sculpture and students using my web site get in touch by email wanting some background information.  I have decided to use this blog to fill in some of the details. Have a look at the web site also  and the new site http//
So here goes.....

I have been working as a full time professional sculptor for the last 35 years. My work has been widely exhibited and is held in collections worldwide. I have studied all the animals I sculpts and regards knowledge of an animal as essential before creating any sculpture. I have sketched all his life and has a detailed knowledge of anatomy and the movement of animals. It is this intimate knowledge that gives life to the animal sculpture.

My aim in the sculpture is to to capture a moment if life in every work. All my ceramic animal sculptures are all one off originals. Recently I has begun to make bronze sculpture of his animals. These are cast in very limited editions and are very collectable. A small number of pieces are also cast in bronze resin
Every sculpture begins as a block of clay that is skilfully moulded into the animal form. I always had this ability to make forms from a very early age. It was something that was encouraged as a child so I guess it was an innate talent to see life in three dimensional form. I was formally educated in ceramics at the Art College in Sheffield and continued in the sculpture department of Nottingham Art College. However from these beginnings I has developed methods of my own. Each animal sculpture has its own problems and it is the solving of these problems that has kept me fascinated throughout my long career.

I was recognised early and in 1978 he won the Holbrooke Award from Nottingham Museum and Art gallery. This was followed by receiving the Best Craftsman in Show at the Royal Bath and West Show. During the show I was introduced to her majesty Queen Elizabeth and showed her his work.

My work was shown on the BBC during a lunchtime programme called Pebble Mile at One. It was this that launched my work to a wider audience. A number of commissions followed and work began to be exhibited in galleries throughout the UK. I was fortunate in being able to concentrate solely upon my creative work moving to my present studio in1996

My work has been exhibited throughout Britain in galleries but I now concentrates on showing work through own web site. Seeing the possibilities of reaching a wider public the site was launched in 1999. At this stage the internet was quite slow - sometimes called the 'World Wide Wait' However gradually the web site prospered and my work soon became known to a wider audience. The variety of commissions received through the web has developed my work and kept me always interested and challenged.