Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lying Hare Sculpture

I meant to put this picture up last week, somehow the time just passed too quickly. The client is coming to collect the hare commission next week so I thought I ought to at least put up one more picture today.
Lying hare sculpture - bronze glaze- mounted on a marble base

It has worked very well and will be a contrast to the othet Crouching Hare.  Photographing sculpture is always difficult.  Did this in the garden but took it in a shady place. Took out some of the background but I am not very expert at this. Still it does show the piece before it goes.

Have a look at my web site if you are interested in my hare sculptures

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  1. Oi Brian Hollingworth, através do blog de Frode Mikal, visitei o seu. admirei sua arte. Parabens. Um abraço do Brazil. visite: