Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Gorilla Sculpture in the Garden?

I really love the wonderful world of primates. I have spent many days drawing gorillas and orang-utans at zoos all over the world. At my local zoo Twycross, I have spent so much time sketching that 'Joe' , the huge silverback, and I developed a very special relationship. Joe often hid himself from the public in his nest at the back of his enclosure when he got fed up with the noise and fuss of the many children who came to see him.

However whenever I slipped into the back of the viewing area Joe would climb down and come right up to the window, rest his elbows on the inner ledge and almost pose for his picture to be drawn. If I moved away to look at the other gorillas Joe would register his disapproval by knocking on the glass until I came back.

This interest culminated in a wonderful commission to make a life size figure of a silverback to be cast in bronze resin to go into a clients garden.
Joe was the basis and I tried to emphasis the massive presence and wonderful stillness and calm of this magnificent creature. The clay figure was moulded and then a cast made. The sculpture now sits in a secluded place in the client's garden. The mould was so good that up to 12 copies of this magnificent sculpture could be made.

To see more pictures of the finished sculpture visit www.animal-sculpture.co.uk