Friday, 24 September 2010

Finished Gorilla Sculpture in the Garden

Just realised that I never posted the picture of the gorilla I made to go into a garden. This silverback gorilla was life size and proved to be a very enjoyable sculpture to make. I have blogged about it before but never showed the finished sculpture.
When it was delevered the client was having the garden modified to fit the gorilla sculpture. I can make work to a clients ideas. Usually there is a detailed discussion to arrive at the design. It is always a challenge to make a bespoke piece of sculpture. I will find some more pictures and add them to the blog later.
My web site has pictures of this being made.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Garden Cockerel Sculpture in Bronze Resin

Garden Sculpture of a Cockerel
Here it is looking as if he already owns the place. I was so pleased to see the finished sculpture of the cockerel safely back and now placed in my garden. I will need to photograph it well before putting on the web site. It weighs quite a lot so had to be carried carefully. At the moment it is sitting on the wooden deck. I like the way the cockerel sculpture looks as if it has always been there and is very much in charge.

I think he would suit putting up slightly higher maybe on a wall. I am planning to visit a friend with a very splendid garden and see if the cockerel sculpture will photograph well there.

My next work is to complete a set of hares for a client. These are going to be created in clay and high-fired to stoneware
temperatures. The final finish will be using a bronze glaze that works very well on ceramic garden sculpture.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cockerel Sculpture in Progress

The picture is work in progress on a commission to make a Bantam Cockeral. There is an armature inside the clay to support the cockerel sculpture as it is made in clay. This was a trial run just to work on the form, texture and position. It was meant just to be for fun and to solve all the problems. Turned out rather well so decided to have it cast in Bronze Resin. It should look good and would suit a garden very well. I am specialising in garden sculpture as part of my work.

Off today to collect it from the caster. I will put some pictures on the blog tomorrow so everyone can have a look. Here are some pictures of it being made - enjoy !