Monday, 26 September 2011

New Animal Sculpture Web Site

Sitting Bear  Sculpture

Thought this might be a different sculpture to show on the blog. I have always liked bears and have been looking for a finish on the ceramic sculpture that would really suit the subject. I almost stummbled across this finish playing about with copper and a bronze glaze I like to use sometimes. When I opened the kiln there was this almost leaden black glaze which has a sheen rather than a shine. It really seems to suit the bear. A happy discovery.!

I have been busy recently creating a new web site to show the latest developments in my work. I seem to have moved in my ceramics into more often using bronze glazes. I have also begun to do more bronzes and bronze resin. It seemed to be confusing the original web site so my wife is creating a new site

If you have time to let us know what you thnk of the developing site it would be very helpful. It is unfinished but growing rapidly.