Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bronze Cockeral

There is something special about foundry cast bronze. It picks up every detail and even shade of detail in a unique way. The work seems to sing and glow!

Just back from collecting a sculpture from Pangolin Editions. The picture above shows the sculpture just after it was cast and chased. Having the finished sculpture photographed new week. I will post some photographs then.


  1. What a magnificent bird! Look forward to seeing the photographs in due course. It looks very glowing - and seem to have a red and green patination. Do you do anything further to it after chasing is complete? Was the original in clay, or wax?

  2. The original was made in clay. It was then cast in wax. After chasing it is patinated by the foundry. If you look at the lastest pictures you can see the patination. The tail was darkened which really brought the feathers to life.
    Thanks for your comments really helpful to have some feedback.