Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Glazing Animal Sculptures -Brian Hollingworthj

Two peices of sculpture ready for glazing and finishing. They have dried and then been fired in my electric kiln. I fire this to 1030C - quite HOT ! The clay changes in the firing into a hard material that is still absorbant. Glazes and stains are applied; all by hand with great care. Everything in ceramics takes time !

I have posted more pictures of the process on Facebook

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

About Brian Hollingworth Animal Sculpture on Facebook

I have joined Facebook and am finding it fun ! The pictures above are on my Facebook page. I am putting pictures on as I work ! It is helpful as clients can use the page to see ther work as it progresses - then send a link to friends to see. It all adds to the fun !
The pictures are of an anteater sculpture I have just made because I wanted too! I have always like the strange shape of anteaters. They are wonderful creatures full of character. An incredible shape !
The new site is proving a success too. My wife has been updating both of my web sites and they have a lot of new work featured on them.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Commission of your own dog - Wire Haired Pointer Dog

Really enjoyed making this dog commisson. I hadn't made a dog like this before so it was a challenge. Lovely dog with character. Client found the web site and got in touch with me. The top pictures shows it half way through the making. Middle picture is it completed but ready for drying before it can be fired in the kiln. And the last picture? That's me working on the dog getting the form right. The flow and fall of the fur made it really interesting. I have posted more pictures on Facebook -Hollingworth Animal Sculpture. Or worth looking at one of my web sites.